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February 9, 2013
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Barb cuddles by Kalemon Barb cuddles by Kalemon
The best kind of cuddles.

A bit less polished sketch this time... Came out a bit meh. Changed barbs hair design a bit closer to that of :iconmistermech: and :iconinlucidreverie:. It's closer to cannon and actually fits him much better.

Murky is still fun to draw and Barb is definitely one of my favourite characters in the fic. Barbs cutie mark is most likely wrong. I just have a vague idea that barbed wire was somehow involved and I'm way too lazy to actually go through the chapters. Also there's a severe lack of Barb fan art...

Thats about it... feedback is welcome etc. Oh and on a sidenote... Release the darn chapter already Fuzzy! :P
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PencilPonies Mar 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Murky: "Barb. Barb, stahp." xD
Looks like he needs an adult XD
i Like Barb , he has my Manestyle is Kinda Big and a Unicorn ...we should become pals~
also Lovely picture i wonder why Murky is so afraid....he seems to be nice~
Actually Barb is relatively small pony. He just seems large in comparison to the teeny tiny Murky. Also I wonder the exact same thing.... He is such a friendly chap. Tried to help Murky on several occasions and even offered protection... But Murky just didn't want to play ball. What a rude lad.

Well at least he learns from his mistakes and accepted Wildcards offers of friendhip! Because otherwise... oh wait...

(also on a sidenote, I should draw wildcard sometime. Also a friendly chap.)
I absolutely love your art for MN7, it really adds to the story and its personality. I actually liked Barb until the Six Shooter Roulette chapter which showed just how sadistic and evil he is :( Oh and on another note, I do have a new design for my characters for my new card game project if you're interested :aww:
But why would that make you dislike him? :) But yeah I do kinda miss the "buddy" dynamic Murky and Barb had going on... it was amusing. Also sent you a note.
Oh, Murky. Always ending up in the attention of some of the worst ponies in the Wasteland.

Overall picture looks great with only a few small issues, but hey, whatever helps, right? It may just be the perspective or trick of the eye, but the placement of Barb's horn seems a bit off, kind of drifting closer toward his left eye. I maybe would have liked to see some sort of indication of the floor or some background to help ground the characters a little more. (but then again, the shadowy void thing probably fits rather well with the way Barb operates). The only other thing I would point out is the way parts of Murky have been cropped out of the picture, but again, I can see how this can work (which will be explained below). Anyway, those are the only real clear cut things I wanted to point out and that was just me being nitpicky.

The characters look great. Barb looks appropriately twisted and domineering. Murky's face speaks volumes to the level of terror he's found himself in. He's appropriately thin and boney and the little details of his cuts, sores, and bruises really hammer in some sympathy for him. The stare between them is has a great deal of tension and emotion. Going along with that, the close cropping seems to add to that tension, with everything so close together that you get the trapped feeling that Murky must be experiencing.

Loving the rendering as always. :) nice work!
Yeah the horn is still a bit off center... I should have redrawn it completely instead of just adjusting it when I did this thing. Hmm yeah just adding shadows would give the character a more grounded feel. I was a bit lazy with this piece in general... The shadows aren't consistent nor well defined, and I'm not too happy how Barbs body came out.

I was actually thinking about cropping it even closer. I tried to get some kind of uneasy claustrophobic feel to this. Maybe I should have cropped more... It just felt odd to shave small slices off the characters. But did you mean that it was weird how much or that not enough was cropped?

Oh and thanks. I really do appreciate the indepth feedback you give. No nit is too small not to be picked... or something.... :P
I really need to make the time to read this, don't I?
Yeah it's a great fic... starts a bit slow and the atmosphere is pretty dark the whole time and that might not be for everyone. Not grimdark though, regular dark.
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